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will not likely see the likes of nelson mandela again. so it falls to us to be the example he set, to make decisions guarded not by haste, but by love. never discount the difference that one person can make. strive for a future that is worthy of his sacrifice. >> . >> right now let's pause and give thanks the r the fact that nelson mandela lived, a pan who took history, in his hands. bent the arc of the moral universes towards justice, may god bless his memory, and keep him at peace. >> the president of the united states, again, live pictures in outside nelson mandela's home tonight, and here in new york, a live picture of the apollo theater, the same the venue in harlem, tonight the marque honors nelson mandela. here is a picture of the marque, we are getting ready for a live shot. we have consider spot don'ts automobile across the united states and the world. we also have guests hire in the studio, right now my colleague is here, talk a little bit about the incredible significance of this man, and what his passing means in. >> absolutely. john, i was in that home in south africa, in joha
to nelson mandela has begun. on tuesday a public memorial will be held, and he'll be bur buried december 15th. after a state funeral. president obama and the first lady will travel to the funeral. >>> heavy wintery winds are hammering the southwest, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. thunder storms that could sweep connection, arkansas and central ken. >>> a hospital in mexico has been concerned over concerns of radiation exposure. six people admitted to the hospital may have fallen ill from contact with cobalt 60. that is a dangerous radioactive waste that was being carried in a truck that was stolen. the police found the abandoned vehicle i in a field. those are your headlines for al jazeera america. ali velshi next with "real money." >> the government said more americans are going back to work, and they have the numbers to back up the fact. by quality matters more than quantity. still this recovery is start to go feel real for americans. and i'll introduce you to a shop keep who are says you got to think little to be big. and how smart phones are helping physicians diagnose patients
, right here on real money. world leaders are en route to honor nelson mandela. our own ali velshi is there to cover those events. official memorials began tuesday for mandela, who in 1994 election brought an end to ray par tide. soon after, exports rose and living conditions improved for millions, but the broing economy left behind huge parts of the south african population, and the most troubling trend involved income and equality. two divide between rich and poor has increased. two problem is particularly bad in predominately black communities like alexandar township, where mandela once lived. it underscores the challenges facing the largest economy. here is ali valshi now with more. >> this is alexandra township, one of the townships surrounding johannesburg. it is where blacks had to live because they couldn't live in the city limits. a t a lot of the people that live here work nearby. that's the promise of the new south africa, those are single family homes built by the government as promised since the aend of apartheid, they have power, you can't see them that clearly, but t
of the nation. >> nelson mandela was a hero of all time. >> our black president spoke about the first black president of south africa. >> he no longer belongs to us, he belongs to the ages. >> to the folder and more important, to his country, nelson mandela was about forriveness. >> you have a limited time to stay on earth. you must try and use that period for the purpose of transforming your country into what you desire it to be. aic >> welcome to a special edition of consider this. nelson mandela lived up to his name, trouble maker. >> he dedicated himself to apartheid. it was a situation imposed on blacks, indians and others of colour. the african national congress abandoned civil disobedience and took the path of sabotage. nelson mandela was arrested and spent his life in prison. he spent 28 years of his life behind bars. nelson mandela's at times brutal imprisonment led to tuberculosis and damaged eyesight. his fame grew and the world clamoured for the release of the ultimate symbol of the civil rights movement. nelson mandela finally walked out of prison to thunderous applause. four y
and the world are paying tribute to the legacy of nelson mandela.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5